Our Values

At our core

Have you ever looked deep inside yourself? Right down to your core? We have. We’re all driven by values we hold fast to. Beliefs that colour everything we do and strive for.
At Wheatberries, we’re no different. Here’s what drives us.

A belief in the value of food

We believe that a delicious product comes from quality ingredients. And Wheatberries takes pride in using certified organic flour in our baking and always sourcing quality ingredients for everything we serve. Before a product is placed before our customers, it’s handled with care, love, and attention. This philosophy goes hand in hand with supporting organic farming. The quality and freshness of our food is a sign of our pride of service.

Exceptional customer service

Making a difference in someone’s day is never something we take for granted at Wheatberries. Our knowledgeable and friendly team strives to create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere at each location. That’s why our customers feel right at home.

Partnering in the communities we serve

Nothing feels quite as good as giving back to the community you’re a part of. At Wheatberries, our long-term goal is to give more to the communities we serve than we take from them. Whether it’s through donating, fundraising, or volunteering, we constantly seek to be good corporate citizens. Get in touch if you have a cause you’d like to bring to our attention.

Creating a positive experience for staff in a warm, nurturing environment

What motivates people to be their best and to do their best? It’s a question we ask ourselves every day. The way we see it, when you give your staff opportunities, you empower them. When you give them a workplace that embraces excellence and rewards commitment, you nurture greatness. That’s the Wheatberries way.